Propellor Help Guide

How to Register Your Account and Create a Team in Propellor

Propellor is a cloud based app which aims to help you and your team achieve more together. Research shows that if you know what you need to do, share what you are going to do, and report on how you are doing, then you will be more successful. Propellor is focused on helping you do just that, and you can start using Propellor for free!

Registering your account and team in propeller takes only 7 short steps. Here is an overview

  1. Clicking Start now asks for your email address
  2. We confirm your email address by sending a code
  3. Type in the code to progress
  4. You then choose your username which is unique within Propellor and add your first name and last name
  5. After that choose a password
  6. That’s your account complete, you just need to choose a name for your team, business, department, or whatever
  7. You now arrive at your dashboard and can get started. Check out this article to see the dash board.

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